Enterprise data is one of the key assets of any firm. Our product, PrADI, stands for Predictive Analytics and Data Insight. It is built on data analytics and AI. It provides a highly efficient, flexible and intuitive solution for querying and predicting results based on enterprise data. It contains highly intuitive dashboards and flexible query builders to efficiently fetch data from huge datasets. PrADI is being used by leading organizations to analyze large volumes of data and make predictions.

  • Data Visualizations
  • Data Analysis
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Portfolio Health Management

Making Data Driven Decisions To Drive Profitability

Analytics tools & dashboards can be leveraged to drive data driven decisions & analysis which need to be performed periodically.

Through a web browser, business managers & analysts can build dashboards and drive intelligent decisions in a rapid and efficient manner with limited manual effort.

We have the expertise to build predictive analytics tools that help generate predictive insights, report key performance indicators and monitor portfolio health.